Corporate Program

JML provides relocation services for international corporations moving team members to Macau.

Moving home can be a frustrating process, and relocating overseas adds a whole new dimension. A range of services have developed over the years to help streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for both the individual and the employer.

Corporate Value Packages

  • Money saving packages available for multiple tenants
  • Value added services for corporations
  • Confidentially assured


  • Information pack for new arrivals made available
  • Videos of potential apartments sent to prospective tenants
  • Budgets sent to corporate and tenants for reference
  • Open forum for questions

Corporate Liaison

  • Custom programs tailored to corporate needs
  • Latest market information
  • HR workload reduction; housing requirements handled directly

Employees comfort: international consultants, native speakers from England, Australia, Portugal, Spain and Korea

  • Peace of mind: knowing your team is being well looked after well
  • Legal support: Macau legal experts on hand to answer questions from corporate clients

On Arrival

  • Pick up / drop off service available by arrangement
  • Welcome packages if moving directly into an apartment

On Arrival

  • Pick up / drop off service available by arrangement
  • Welcome packages if moving directly into an apartment


  • Half day / Full day orientation programs available for individuals and groups
  • Custom orientation option
  • Macau culture: customs and behaviour
  • City layout: understanding the layout of Macau and main road
  • Sport venues: where to keep fit and work up a sweat
  • Landmarks: must know places of Macau
  • Food: common foods and popular outlets
  • How and where to pay bills: utilities and banks
  • Main transportation services: bus routes and how to catch them
  • Supermarket chains and boutique groceries: where to find great cheese and rustic bread
  • Expected costs: standard living costs

Property Viewing

  • Viewings arranged for individuals and groups
  • Properties range from Studio apartments to large family homes
  • VIP services available

Renting & Tenancy Agreements

  • Renting process explained and documented
  • Sample tenancy agreements available
  • Translation services for Chinese / Portuguese / English
  • Q&A sessions on renting in Macau

Moving In & Tenancy support

  • Contractor details available
  • Ongoing tenancy support & owner liaison services available
  • Bill payment services
  • Rental payment services
  • Inventory & handover services
  • Lease renewal & termination management