Emphasis on architectural design for a development like One Central generally means two things; 1. A beautiful exterior facade and 2. Unavoidable kinks and space inefficiencies.

We sometimes find units at One Central with awkwardly shaped balconies, oversized or undersized stairways and hallways, or a generally awkward layout. Like wearing high heels all day or wearing a tailored suit that chaffs, sometimes beauty comes at a cost. Usually, the cost is worth it. If every building was perfectly space efficient, they would all be square boxes and dreadfully boring. We don’t want that.

But sometimes, you find a perfect balance of both. That is the case with this particular 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit. The next owner of this apartment will have both aesthetic appeal and an efficient space with no irregularities. We’re talking about a large, open living space, generous bedrooms (one of them en-suite, both with a great view) and the kitchen and bathroom exactly where they’re supposed to be, with perfectly reasonable shapes and sizes.

It’s no joke.

Did we mention that the view is to kill for? If you’re impressed by the photo, it gets even better at night.

We suspect that this apartment won’t be on the market for long. Message us now for a viewing.

Property Features

  • Clubhouse
  • Elevator
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Furniture