As mentioned at the end of last week article, we are often asked “What happens if I have a problem in my property, will you fix it?”

The answer to this depends on who, if anyone, manages the property on behalf of the owner.

The difference between a “managed” and “non-managed” property is;

With a non-managed property the tenant will be in direct contact with the owner, and the leasing agency is no longer a point of contact.

With a ‘managed’ property, the property management company will be the point of contact between the tenant and the owner, and will carry out agreed tasks as the ‘Owners Representative’.

So in a scenario where, for example, your air-conditioning is broken through no fault of your own, in a non-managed property you would contact the landlord, whilst in a managed property you would contact the managing company or Owners Representative.

The management company will contact the owner and agree the costs, schedule of repairs and then arrange for the appropriate contractors to visit the property to conduct the works.

As a tenant in a managed property, the first thing to consider when facing a problem is whether or not it is appropriate to approach the owner in the first instance. Is it a repair that should be carried out by you or is it the responsibility of the owner? If the kids just pulled down the towel rail, then chances are you will be responsible and should arrange for the repair to be carried out.

Contacting the owner to discuss repairs to the property is not where the difference ends.

In a managed property, prior to your moving in, it should have been inspected when the previous tenant moved out and any repairs, requirement for cleaning or painting scheduled and undertaken. In other words it should have been brought up to a high standard, and it is expected to be returned in the same condition.

So next time you are looking at rental properties ask yourself does it matter to you if you are in a managed or non-managed property, and is there a difference in the quality of the property that is reflected in the price?