Property Administration

As the responsibilities of each party vary according to where you are in the world, owners and tenants are often directly in conflict with each other when it comes to who should be looking after the property, paying for appliances that have broken down, making repairs etc. This can be very time consuming and uncomfortable for both parties, and many people prefer not to deal with it.

Owner Services

These services include Rental Collection and Arrears Management, Accounts, Maintenance Records, Tenant Liaison and much more. Your account is available online 24/7 and reports are available around the clock. For full details, take a look at the Owner Property Services page.

Services For Tenants

Helping tenants make rental and bill payments, maintaining the apartment, liaising withe owner or working with the tenants company to handle operations in Macau are some of the options available to you as a tenant or an employer. More details are available on the Tenant Property Services page