A Cautious Way In To The Macau Property Market

Investors are right to be cautious of Macau and the property market. Whilst the land is limited and demand for property is high, it is still a relatively new market and therefore somewhat volatile.

Many investors choose to purchase a property together with others in a partnership or group. This has it's advantages and disadvantages of course, and is the right thing for some people and not others.

In a partnership;
  • You need a much smaller amount of capital to invest (usually starting from HK$100,000)
  • The risk is spread as you are investing in multiple properties, not just one
  • The property is purchased as a pure investment with no emotional attachment
  • You have the ability to sell your share of the partnership without the hassle of selling the property.
However, there are also some negatives to consider;
  • You don't choose the property, it is usually chosen according to a strict criteria
  • The cashflow from the property is often used to reduce the mortgage loan
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