Programs are available to help companies manage when they have an influx of new people or an ongoing demand for housing.

The housing issue is such a headache for companies that many HR departments refuse to get involved. Instead, new staff are left to their own devices and given a budget, then pushed out the door and left on their own. Of course this is taking place during one of the most stressful situations that a person can find themselves in, a new job in a new country, and now they have to find a new home in an unfamiliar market and very limited time.

We have set up corporate programs for many of the companies who are expanding in Macau, and whilst all of them are different there are some common requirements of course.


  • Staff are sent information to help them prepare for Macau
  • They can preview apartments online to have an idea of whats available
  • They can ask questions on housing and living costs
  • They can preview tenancy agreements, terms, deposits etc


  • Staff can be met by native English or Chinese speakers, depending on their preference
  • They can receive a DAILY update of available apartments via the online service for tenants
  • They are helped through the rental process by the property consultant, not pushed into an unsuitable apartment just because it is the only thing available


Arrangements are made with each company to add benefits for your team. They may be financial benefits or additional services, and there are many examples to choose from.

If you would like someone to help your organisation with housing, please fill in the form to provide some basic details and the Property Consultants will get back to you to arrange an appointment;